Innovation and Research to the Future

8 Comparison Advantages of Reida

Creative innovation

China top ten innovative industrial design enterprises, won 417 inventions, utility models, the appearance of patents, a number of innovative design award.

Fast Delivery

Relying on R & D design and production management advantages, the introduction of new products every half months, the shortest delivery time can be reduced to 20 to 30 days.

Technical Research and Development

Possessing a stable, innovative, professional research team. Have the ability to drive industry inventions and innovations in theory and practice.

Mould Development

Has a full set of precision CNC machining equipment, the working life of mould more than 3 million times, independent completion of product design, a model, production.

Brand Building

Achieving the "international excellent supplier brand", "Fujian famous brand", "Fujian brand-name products," private brand.

Quality Assurance

"Export-free inspection enterprises", through the EU RoHS test, has passed more than 150 multinational companies IWAY and QWAY certification.

Customer Resources

Customers all over the world, with IKEA, Tesco, Wal-Mart, and Disney and so on establish long-term stable relations of cooperation.

Industrial Clusters

Located in China second largest watch producing areas, make use of industrial cluster advantages to achieve effective allocation of resources, to reduce costs and achieving efficiency.

Honorary Qualification

Chinese Industrial Design Top Ten Innovative Enterprises

Chinese (Fujian) Horologe Industrial Design Center

Chinese Light Industry horologe industry top 10 enterprises

Chinese export inspection exemption enterprises

The national skill Master Studio

Chinese e-commerce integrated Innovative pilot enterprises

Chinese Horologe industry base

Chinese Clock product export base

Chinese National Foreign Trade Transition and Upgrade Professional Model Base

The national intellectual property advantages of enterprises

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